About Us - SpillShop Spill Response & Liquid Containment


SpillShop.com.au was launched in June 2017 to help fill a large gap in the online marketplace for Spill Response and Liquid Containment Products in Australia and South-East Asia. As the mobile-friendly e-commerce site for a major player in the Environmental Protection industry, you can be sure this store is backed with the necessary stock and product expertise to make your experience as seamless as possible.

So go ahead, have a look at what we offer, add what you need to your cart, arrange payment, and discover just how easy life can be! And please, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via phone, email or the chat window at any time.


To give buyers a simple, convenient, mobile-friendly online destination for their Spill Response and Liquid Containment Products.


To be Australia and South-East Asia’s #1 online destination for Spill Response and Liquid Containment Products.



To Always Do What We Say We’ll Do – make sure we live up to expectations

Support our Customers – there’s a lot less traffic on the extra mile

Be Transparent – give everyone all the information they need

Make a Difference – don’t be afraid to upset the applecart

Embrace Change – strive to be the best every day.