Spill Kits & Absorbents Indonesia

Renowned as the Emerald of the Equator for its vast tropical rainforests along the archipelagos, Indonesia is also acknowledged as the top producer of oil among the ASEAN countries. Moreover, Indonesia is the largest global supplier of crude palm oil. As a developing country with rich natural resources, Indonesia has been developing and expanding its economic and business sections, including offshore oil exploration and oil tanker transfers.

Spill Kits & Absorbents Indonesia

SpillShop is a supplier of spill response and liquid containment product, based online to streamline your buying experience. We are devoted to promoting environmentally friendly and safe business facilities through the prevention of unsafe work practices. With its abundant oil resources, Indonesia has turned oil production into a sustainable business activity. However, this industry is prone to incidents such as oil spills into the ocean, offshore accidents and oil tanker collisions. The spill response and liquid containment products we offer to both prevent and deal with these incidents can save your business, as well as protect the natural environment.

At SpillShop, we consistently strive to uphold our values, provide great service, and deliver products to suit your needs at short notice. Our mobile-friendly site is a major player in the Environmental Protection industry, and you can be sure that SpillShop has the necessary expertise to expand your business as well as minimise the cost of spill waste. Our quality assured products are crafted in-house and by our partners in Australia, Europe, and North America. Being prepared for potential spills with a containment plan in your facility can minimise damage and other negative factors. Preparation is key - it’s always better to have an umbrella before it rains.

Browse our latest products including absorbent pads, granules, spill kits, and drum bunds to protect your site from messy leaks or spills.

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SpillShop is an online store based in Australia. We sell a range of environmental protection products throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. We are family-owned and operated. We currently source our products from Australia, Europe, North America and Asia.

For those of you with an Australian delivery address, you should receive your order in 1-4 days. Those of you based overseas can expect to see your order within 2-4 weeks, depending on final destination. If you would to know exactly when your order will arrive, drop us a line here with your address and requirements.

Returns are simple – for full details please click here, or read on for a basic overview: within 30 days of receiving your goods, simply call us on 1800 xxx xxx (+61 2 xxxx xxxx), or send an email to returns@spillshop.com.au with the details of your return, and we will arrange the rest. Obviously, we aren’t able to take returns of used goods! Once the goods have arrived at our warehouse, they will be checked and if everything is a ok, your account will be refunded. Again, please click here for all the details.


  • Use to form a temporary bund or dam to contain fluid
  • Do not use as a large mop
  • Use to divert spills away from drains, stock or equipment
  • For increased length and to ensure a complete seal, boom ends should be overlapped by approx. 300mm


  • Use to stem the flow of liquid in a confined area or as an ‘ad-hoc’ drain blocker
  • Place behind mini-booms to absorb the contained spill
  • Place under dripping pipes or leaks prior to repair
  • Use to plug  openings, holes, or drains to prevent seepage

Granular Absorbent

  • Primarily used on roadways where it is not practical to use other absorbents
  • Use in workshops, machinery yards, on construction sites
  • Can be used as a cheaper and more convenient alternative to polypropylene absorbents – just grab a bag and go!


  • Use for the absorption of a spill, but only once it is ensured that containment is complete
  • Use pads to wipe down clothes, hands, floor and any items contaminated by the spill

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